Benign breast cysts

If you have found a breast lump please contact us and we can arrange a consultation at Breast Care Leicester with one of our Consultant Breast Surgeons to have this assessed. We will carry out a clinical examination and can arrange an ultrasound scan and mammograms as appropriate. These can often be carried out at the same attendance as your initial appointment so you can find out the results on the same day. If a biopsy needs to be taken, we will arrange a second appointment with the results.

Many breast lumps are benign and are divided into solid lumps such as fibroadenomas and fluid filled lumps such as cysts. Some women have multiple benign lumps. Fibroadenomas can be removed surgically, either under local or general anaesthetic. Cysts can usually be drained with a needle and syringe, either in clinic by the Consultant Surgeon, or under ultrasound guidance by a Consultant Radiologist. Sometimes a fluid sample from the cyst will need to be sent to the laboratory for analysis, in which case we will arrange a second appointment with the results.

Benign lumps
Nipple discharge