Breast surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery
Specialist breast surgery has evolved in recent years and comprises the following main areas: breast cancer surgery and reconstruction ; cosmetic breast surgery and surgery for benign breast conditions .

Breast cancer surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach, to ensure the best cancer and cosmetic outcomes for our patients as these have a tremendous influence on a patient's self esteem and quality of life. 

Oncoplastic breast surgery has developed as a specialty in its own right to address these issues. Oncoplastic techniques combine best practice in breast surgery to achieve safe removal of breast cancer with traditional and innovative plastic surgical techniques to enhance the cosmetic appearance.

Cosmetic breast surgery aims to optimise the aesthetic appearance of the breast, whether that is achieving a balanced appearance for women with naturally uneven breast size, which can be done either by enhancing one side or reducing the other; by enlarging both breasts with implants to improve body image; or reducing the skin to lift the breasts when volume or shape have been lost.

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