Cosmetic breast surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery includes breast enlargement using implants ( augmentation ); breast reduction ; breast lift (mastopexy); revision of scars; correction of breast asymmetry and revision or redo surgery such as exchange of implants.

If you are considering having cosmetic surgery, please visit the Royal College of Surgeons website and
read their advice .

Our first priority is to ensure that there is no evidence of breast cancer before embarking on any cosmetic breast procedures. This means that when you first attend your first consultation, one of our Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons will examine you and can arrange ultrasound scans and/or mammograms on the same attendance. For example, women aged 40 years or more who have not had mammograms in the preceding 12 months will have mammograms before their cosmetic breast procedure.
Breast augmentation  is the term used when breasts are enhanced for cosmetic reasons. The most common reason to have breast augmentation is to enlarge both breasts to suit the body frame better. Many women have naturally slightly different sized breasts: when this asymmetry is marked or noticeable, they may wish to have augmentation on one or both sides to achieve a more balanced appearance. 

Breast reduction is most commonly carried out for women who have breasts that are too large or heavy for their body size, who have skin irritation in the folds under the breasts or with significant back, neck or shoulder pain as a result of the size and weight of their breasts. Reducing the breast size can be helpful for this, but it is important to remember that there are many other causes of back, neck and shoulder pain as well, unrelated to the breasts.

Breast augmentation, reduction and revision surgery can be arranged through Breast Care Leicester. Please
contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons .

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