Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is a common condition and is often benign. If you have noticed nipple discharge, please contact us to arrange a consultation at Breast Care Leicester with one of our Consultant Breast Surgeons to have this assessed. We will carry out a clinical examination and can arrange an ultrasound scan and mammograms as appropriate. These can often be carried out at the same attendance as your initial appointment so you can find out the results on the same day. If a biopsy needs to be taken, we will arrange a second appointment with the results.
We will want to know approximately how long you have been experiencing the nipple discharge; whether it is ever blood-stained and whether it comes from one nipple or both and whether it is from a single duct or multiple ducts.
If there is any cause for concern following clinical and imaging assessment, we can arrange surgical treatment for the discharge. There are two main operations: microdochectomy (removing a single duct) and total duct excision (removing all the ducts from behind the nipple).
Total duct excision