Therapeutic mammoplasty

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer please contact us and we can arrange a consultation with one of our Consultant Breast Surgeons to discuss your treatment options. Modern breast cancer treatment includes surgery , chemotherapy, radiotherapy and endocrine therapy. Most patients undergo a combination of some or all of these treatments. We will tailor our treatment recommendations to you as an individual, depending on the type of breast cancer , your medical fitness and your wishes and preferences.
Therapeutic mammoplasty is a modern breast conserving surgery technique in which the surgeon removes the breast cancer and a safety margin of normal breast tissue around it, as for a lumpectomy . The surgeon then carries out more extensive reshaping of the breast tissue to create the best possible shape. This has enabled surgeons to remove relatively larger cancers without requiring mastectomy .
Following therapeutic mammoplasty for breast cancer , radiotherapy will be necessary to reduce the chance of breast cancer recurring in the same breast in future.
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